Upgrade to a smart Visitor Management System

Veris isn’t just a collection of features. It is an experience from the first touchpoint to the very end! It is a highly customisable visitor management software crafted to suit varied workflows and enterprise needs.

Enhanced efficiency

Save time for your employees & their guests through visitor pre-registration & tablet self-registration

Improve office security

With time-stamped records, verified phone numbers and a photo of each visitor

Lightning fast setup

Veris leverages the power of the cloud to minimize hardware requirements


Security has become a matter of paramount concern in every modern organization today. A visitor who is stranger to the organization needs a monitoring from the security perspective. Other than hire enough security guards to police every facility and access point, what can organizations do to improve security today? Typically organizations keep a Visitor Register in which the visitor would scribble his/her details. But visitors can fake their identities and When it comes to view the past details it turns to be time consuming & unreliable. Visitor Management is one of the very important aspects of security management. It helps in capturing the details about the visitors in a systematic manner and maintains a repository of the same. Visitor Management is a process of allowing visitors to enter the premises based on appointment, creation of identification badges and managing the Security staff deployment for effective control over the security.


  • RFID, Biometric and CCTV Technologies we provide a cost effective solution for Visitors Management System.
  • Our application is capable of capturing data of the visitors, printing visiting cards and generates MIS reports. It also manages
  • employee appointments. Visitors will have to wear smart cards with lanyards once they are in the campus and return them at the exit.
  • system ships with ready integration for biometric USB Fingerprint reader, signature PAD, CCTV and high resolution web camera for anytime upgrade features


  • Fast Processes More visitors in less time span
  • Improve visitor service Because they are pre-registered or can be registered quickly, visitors are made to feel expected and welcome.
  • Appointment scheduler A centralized web based appointment scheduler

Why one should prefer Visitor management system? Let us understand in detail the key points on which Vizitor stands

VMS for Residential Apartments

Apartment Visitor Management Software is a perfect and smart solution to manage and track Visitors, Guest, Daily Workers, Contract Labors, Servants etc., of Residential complexes, apartments, housing colonies, etc. The Apartment Visitor Management System will maintain the records with Visitor Photo.Keep track of visitors coming to your home and prevent unwanted visitors to enter, from anywhere you are.


A crucial feature of the visitor management system, it provides you the leverage of pursuit the situation of your guests in your premise period. It additionally permits you to go looking, sort, analyze, and retrieve visitor’s knowledge at any given time. you'll keep track of what number times a visitor signed-in, signed-out, and who they're here to meet? just in case of an emergency and evacuation message may be sent to all or any guests among the premises at the clicking of a button.


This can be one among the most important blessings of the visitor management system, whereas in manual log books a visitor must go into their details anytime they visit your premises. With Vizitor, you'll pre-register guests thereby saving the repeated trouble. Upon registering, you'll merely send automatic SMS/ Email invitations to your guests.

Capture Photographs

In contrast to manual entry books, by putting in a visitor management system you'll instantly capture images of your guests and print skilled trying badges together with your company’s emblem among seconds. These photos can even facilitate your investigate security breaches..

Recurring visitors

A decent visitor management system like Vizitor helps you acknowledge your revenant guests. You will offer your vendors or personage guests a special treatment. It permits your returning/frequent guests to check in quickly and smoothly because the system already remembers their details.

Create an impact

Create your guests feel welcome in your premise. rather than asking them to fill manual logbooks, a self-serviced digitized access system can leave them impressed! It makes your guests feel secure and necessary. It additionally permits your company to go inexperienced and cut down the utilization of paper.


Payroll and fee collection


Import information communication

Seamless Communication

Highly Fexible

Complete Reports

Fast response time

Highly Secure

Best Visitor Management System in German

  • Visitors are important in every organization, be it it’s an office space or a school/college. And if there are visitors, there is always a need for a visitor management system. Visitors are not just limited to office spaces. Every organization looks forward to a perfect and secured Visitor Management system/software whether it is Corporate, Industries, Modern Organization, and Research Centers or multiple tenants like Tech part, Business Centers, Commercial complex, Hospital campus, Schools and residential complexes, salons, etc. You name a place where there are visitors, Vizitor is there with a friendly visitor management system.
  • With Vizitor as a visitor management system, it cuts down the cost and pain for data maintenance. People should use the visitor management system for different kinds of purposes as because these are the software that will help out people in maintaining everything properly and effectively. The visitor management system can be used up by people for different kind of services.
  • Vizitor not only helps in data tracking/management but provides better control over unwanted Visitors. The visitor management system also helps in improving the efficiency of Check in / Check out process.

After we know what services does the visitor management system provides, let us also understand how this visitor management system works

  • First of all, the person enters the location or check-in inside the workplace or company at that time at the reception visitor management systems ask for their necessary details.
  • All the essential data like the purpose of visit, name, address, contact details and e-signature on legal document (if any) are collected together with a picture of them.
  • After that, they're given ID batches to swan around at the workplace or site. After this, they're asked to fulfill the purpose for what they have visited the location.
  • After all, these, when the aim is over the visitor, will simply check-out of the corporate with a single tap on check-out button that will automatically note down their exact check-out time and feedback (provided if any) .This is how visitor management systems works.