Home Decore POS

Home Decor Billing Software

CLS-SOFT data systems limited creates digital solutions for the Home Furnishings & decor business to enhance sales and profitability. Our home decor Stores Billing and Accounting Software have all of the capabilities you’d expect, such as bar code scanning, direct sales, and wholesale. Software with a very easy user interface, as do SMS and Privilege Cards Manufacturers and merchants may use the solution package to attract customers, engage purchasers, and improve online performance manufacturers, shops, and numerous designers across the world. We enable key services to enable smarter and faster traffic generation and revenue growth. 

Our software is used by many industrial clients across the world to create order and eliminate friction by improving buying experiences, shortening sales cycles, and optimizing procedures. Mediasoft’s Interior Design & Home Decor Stores Retail Billing Software can easily generate VAT reports too.


Sophisticated Features

Customer Management

Our Home decor store billing software allows you to keep track of your clients’ credit sales and payment history, as well as collections. You can also keep track of your customer’s details information.

Billing & Invoicing

With our simple retail billing and sales system, you can provide your consumers with a far better shopping experience. Know all details of billing & invoicing reports of your business.

Lost/Damaged Management

Monitor precisely to avoid inward of any products that are damaged or lost going to expire within the user-defined period avoiding losses.

Purchase Order/ Return

Through our home decor store software, your Products were integrated with billing and inventory software. Buy order, purchase entry, and purchase return are all examples of sales.

Inventory Management

A real-time inventory management system that can help you better manage your stock and lower your inventory costs. Quickly identify your understocked items, automate replenishment and distribution effortlessly accommodate limited space and maximize the visibility of best-selling items, Match inventory to the unique needs and demands of each of your locations, etc., and many more.

Requisition Approval

Submitted a purchase requisition for review & get your requested PO generated for the purchase requisition lines and submitted to the vendor for order fulfillment.

Barcode Scan & Printing

We provide barcode scan management modules for encourages quick billing and promote real-time data and up-to-date product tracking information. You also allow barcode printing.

Staff Performance

Monitor your staff’s performance closely so that if needed you can conflict with them or appreciate them to do better in their work life. You can also reward them according to their performance which can make them work more hardly.

Loyalty Management

Run multiple overlapping promotions simultaneously and combine regular offers with targeted offers for individual or your loyal customers easily with our home decor POS system.


We will do everything we can to make our next best project!

Reduce Errors

In this industry, Manual errors by a human are very common things. Because this industry has to maintain various kinds of items available for home décor. Our system tracks accurate data and there is no chance to mistake were manually collected information or data could be misjudged or misplaced by their employee.

Generate Insights

Get easily digestible insights from a range of detailed reports, to streamline your operations & increase revenue. Analyze the performance of your staff from the insights received & raise the overall productivity of your home decor store.

Multiple Payment Systems

Handle your cash by hand securely either our system offers you the option of accepting all types of local credit/debit cards. Billing & real-time payment statuses are tracked & recorded from a single dashboard & have all access to multiple payment modes.

Accuracy and Speed

Our system is super-fast and trustworthy. Takes less time than entering data manually. There is no risk for mistakes and time will not be wasted on any kind of data entry or retrieval.


Define work plans, checklists, assign tools to organize work steps for your products – all in from one centralized place.

Complete Solution

We provide you with a Full-featured home decor system that is suitable for your home decor business. You can easily use our system anytime, anywhere. You can also get a personalization module so that you can customize your system as your requirement.