Mobile Phone & Accessories Shop POS

Mobile Phone & Accessories Shop POS

A Mobile Phone & Accessories Shop POS system is a fully prepared and fully-featured solution for the Computer Hardware Store Retail and distribution businesses. It enables the Shop owner to easily run their business and manage all tasks properly. CLS-SOFT Limited Company provides a complete Computer Hardware shop POS software that tracks and keeps the records and controls the flow of outwards and inwards of your Computer hardware store.

Our software is easy to use, user-friendly, and also multi-user. It shows the stock of the Computer Hardware Service Center in your varied locations and tracks the flow of goods in each and every location. Our software help to manage stock handling, accounting, supplier, and many more. With our system, your Shop can easily integrate to the point of sale, inventory management, Payment Collection, logistics, loyalty, and Back Office Operations. Get our software to make your Computer Hardware Service Center Profitable even as the industry changes.

Features We Have

Product Information & Data Management

Managing your product and data information to run your Computer Hardware store is potentially complicated. Easily track sales and revenues, create bundles and packages, move items into and out of inventory, schedule re-orders, and more with our complete solution.

Damage & Lost Adjustment

Control your damaged & lost products to avoid your loss with our POs system. Manage your store’s stock level according to this status and keep generating your inventory through our solution.

Billing & Accounting

Get integrated billing & accounting system with our innovative computer hardware shop POS software. Manage your general ledger, journals, budgets, and accounts receivable and payable & all your business transaction precisely with our solutions & easily manage your customers and make them back to you again and again.

Costing Analysis

Accomplish a precise cost analysis on any production or development formula. Compare the cost of providing a finished good in different sizes. Run a what-if cost analysis using multiple price lists with our solution.

Inventory Management

To keep expenses under control and operate with effectiveness, manage your inventory effortlessly to get total control of your inventory, and reduce losses due to waste. Identify and track your stock at explicit levels—such as by name of products, brands, groups, etc. Mark your top-selling products & monitor if needed re-supply, markdown low-selling products.

Bank Reconciliation & Expense Manage

Allow your billing and inventory software also includes the option for Fund transactions in bank accounts & Expenditure. Have a fully secure system & avoid fraud.


Benefits You Will Get

Highly Secure

Identification based on multi-modal biometrics allows achieving very high accuracy and is a reliable fraud avoidance. All types of Credit cards, order data & reports highly is encrypted and secure, we keep all insights reports saved & safe. Upload, edit, log, and add comments, track & share files quickly & securely.


Create a beautiful, customizable system according to your business style & process. Our roster of talented web designers and developers can make your required design & featured website or platform for your computer hardware business.


Create parameter sequences or multi-step recipes to run complex operations automatically. Using CLS-SOFTMobile Phone & Accessories Shop POS you can run your lines more repeatable, faster, and with less waste.


Create parameters and have them automatically calculated by CLS-SOFT Mobile Phone & Accessories Shop POS. Have detailed insights records & complex monitoring of your store’s every side, every day.