SEO Audit & Assessment

If you want more leads and sales, you need to increase targeted traffic to your website. How you accomplish this is with search engine optimization. The first step is taking an analytical look at your site and seeing how search-engine-friendly it is with an SEO audit. If you’re like most business owners and marketing executives, you’re constantly wondering what you can do to improve your website’s organic rankings. To intelligently answer this question and create a viable SEO strategy, you need to invest in a comprehensive website audit. Unlike the “free website analysis,” you’ve been offered or received in the past—typically via a spam email—Channeliz’s website SEO audits take an exhaustive look at every aspect of your website, as well as several of your competitors.

SEO Assessment Report

SEO Assessment Report

Discovery Interview

The SEO assessment will begin with a Discovery Interview where we will speak with you to familiarize ourselves with your business model, target audience, and business goals and objectives. The interview will be conducted through a scheduled conference call between you and a WebVisable SEO Analyst.

SEO Site Review

Following the Discovery Interview, a site review will take place. During this review, we will review and evaluate your site from an organic search engine optimization perspective. The purpose is to breakdown the site, identify potential areas for concern and provide recommendations on how to correct them. The review and evaluation will incorporate topics such as site architecture, page construction, web server configuration and link popularity.

SEO Consulting Services

All Website & SEO Assessment Services also allows you to experience our search engine optimization consultation services. You will be allotted time for follow up consulting to discuss your site with your WebVisable expert in order to cover the items in the Assessment

SEO Audit And Assessment Services

SEO Audit And Assessment Services Often due to oversight several technical issues lay unattended that hold credibility of your website in search results. Website owners often assume that once they have search optimized their website it’s going to stay forever. Erroneously so, this serious SEO neglect directly impacts ROI on digital investment. SEO audit helps you to recognize SEO problem areas and develop an action plan to correct them. A good SEO audit will guide you to make SEO enhancements based on the latest developments in search marketing space. It also helps you stay ahead of the competition by benchmarking your website against your competitors. When we audit websites, we typically find that the average website is baffled with hundreds of errors. Many of these technical errors have a negative impact not only on search engine rankings but also hampers brand equity. With an SEO Audit, our team can identify problem areas and sweet spots which can lead to developing a strategic plan to boost overall SEO performance. The key to successful SEO is identifying the key elements that influence change among 100’s of variables and leveraging those attributes better than your competitors. An SEO audit makes all this possible

The Website SEO Assessment Services enables clients to quickly learn what the search engines consider important when ranking websites and where improvements are needed. We will identify barriers to organic ranking and critical issues that are hindering the entire SEO marketing project. In complex projects, this analysis is very often the first step of many. It first identifies the barriers to SEO that should be repaired immediately. This report takes approximately two to four weeks to research, write, and produce. There will be updates during this time as noted below.

SEO Audit And Assessment Services Overview

Technical SEO Audit

Your audit will highlight quick wins for an immediate seo performance boost, and projects to bring long term growth. We can then prioritise our findings in a roadmap, plotting the journey for your campaign.

TContent Audit

Quality online content is becoming increasing essential. Our content audits check that your website content, structure and markup are in line with your overall marketing strategy.

Backlinks Audit

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in SEO ranking – a weak backlink profile could lead to poor performance. Our backlink audit identifies your strengths and weaknesses.

Recovery SEO Audit

In SEO, there are four things to be feared: Penguins, Pandas, Penalties… and Polo Shirts (Matt Cutts’ fashion statement of choice). If your site was hit by an algorithm update,