How to Migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2? (4 Easy Steps)

As Magento 1 fades away and Magento 2 takes it place, it’s high time for businesses, especially retailers to head for Magento migration. This migration, nevertheless, may seem to be a nightmare to many in retailers. We want to make this transition easier for you. That’s why we bring you this blog post that walks you through migration from Magento 1 to 2 in 4 simple steps.

Theme Migration

1.To upgrade Magento 1 theme to Magneto 2, you have to check if Magento 1 theme is compatible with Magento 2 version or not. 2. If Yes, then you can install the same theme in Magento 2. This will make the process of migration a lot easier for you. 3. If No, then you can either create a custom theme in Magento 2 or buy and install a Magento 2 theme from Magento Marketplace.

Extension Migration

1. Again, you have to check if Magento 1 extensions are compatible with Magento 2 version or not. 2. If yes, then you can integrate the same extensions in Magento 2. 3. If No, then you have to add new extensions.

Customization Using Code Migration Tool

1.Magento 2 customization can be done using a Code Migration Tool. 2. It can enormously lessen the work involved in the code migration. 3. However, after running the toolkit, you may have to edit some of the generated files manually.

Data Migration Using Data Migration Tool

The last step is to migrate data from Magento 1 to Magento 2. You can use Magento 2 Data Migration Tool for a smooth migration. With the help of this tool, you can migrate critical data such as products, orders, categories, store settings & configurations, etc. to Magento

Magento Migration services for swift and lossless migration

Thinking to expand your eCommerce store? But unable to scale it due to platform limitation. Well, this is the right time to migrate to Magento eCommerce ecosystem where there are endless possibilities to scale your eCommerce store for growth. However, many retailers would refrain from migrating to Magento due to fear of losing the critical customer and sales data.

However, many retailers would refrain from migrating to Magento due to fear of losing the critical customer and sales data. The Brihaspati Infotech holds your back while you are struggling to achieve a seamless Magento migration. We follow a well-planned workflow during the migration process to get the desired results in the right manner. Our team of talented programmers helps you with Magento 2 upgrade, Migration to Magento from other platforms, Data & Shopping cart migration, and other Magento integration services.

Hire Magento Developer to migrate themes, multi-server architecture, extension, data or create a replica of your current website to Magento server with no impact on current SEO. We can also assist you with mobile app migration, implementing additional features etc. during the Magento data migration services.

Experience an absolute Magento migration & integration

Ensure a seamless & high-quality Magento migration service with our talented programmers who have years of hands-on experience with this powerful platform. We render our Magento data migration services on both part-time and full-time basis. Our work hierarchy goes as follows:

Book a Free Consultation

At first, you can undergo a free consultation with our Magento experts regarding your migration project. Our experts shall listen and analyze your Magento integration requirements. You can reach out to us via Email, Phone, Skype, and Trello.

Data/code/Feature Review & Planning

Afterward, an in-depth review of your website (to be migrated) is done by experts. In many cases, Magento websites contain custom codes so that also need to be taken care of along with data and features that you already have on them.

Terms Agreement and Initiating Projects

Upon a thorough review, our business analyst will go through every single detail of your project’s requirement. You will be offered project’s breakdown in smaller milestones. The initiation will begin when terms will be agreed upon by you..

Integration & Testing

Once Magento upgrade is completed, our developers test the migrated functionalities and perform 3rd party and other APIs integrations like Payment gateways, Shipping etc. We hand-over the final delivery of the project to you after conducting an adequate testing.

One-stop Magento 2 Migration Solution

Being one of the first companies to offer turn-key migration services to its clients, MageWorx has gained solid hands-on experience. That's why we understand that there is no canned approach to migrating a store to Magento 2. Careful PLANNING and ANALYSIS are the key elements of every project success. That's why we deliver only individually tailored migration solutions. The solutions that will enable you to reach new heights with the revamped, more advanced platform.



Database Migration

Transferring store data is the first and most important step of the migration process. That basically includes moving store configurations, lists of all products and customers, sales data, basic SEO setup and site content. Following the migration principles outlined by Magento, our developers will carefully prepare your store database and safely move it to a new Magento 2 installation.

Migrating Custom-Built Functionality

As you probably know, Magento 1 extensions and code customizations are not transferable to Magento 2. That's why if your M1 store has a lot of custom-built functionality, you have to recreate it for your Magento 2 store. That can be a massive undertaking, but our development team will eagerly do all this job for you! We will re-develop any Magento 1 custom features, so you will have exactly the same functionality on your Magento 2 website.

Design Migration

The fact is, Magento 1 themes are NOT transferrable to Magento 2. That is why you need to find a new store theme, recreate the old one or recreate a new custom theme from scratch. Our partners, the design team of StayLime, will help you in any scenario. Our experienced and award-winning designers can: