Upgrade Magento to latest version

Enhance the life cycle of your online store and keep it updated with the latest version by hiring professional Magento upgrade services provider.

Magento India offers effective Magento Upgrade services at competitive rates. The competent team keeps clients' store upgraded, secure and bug-free to ensure better buyer experience and more business. The team regularly checks the website for any kind of issues and fixes them immediately to avoid any problems in future affecting the performance of the online store.

Upgrade to Magento 2- A New Journey Begins

The release of Magento 2 has opened new opportunities for e-commerce businesses as several innovative and powerful features have been added to this latest platform version. So isn’t it time that you upgrade your existing Magento store from its current version to new version? Moving over to the latest version requires the data, order history, and customer account to be carried over seamlessly, which requires extensive skill and knowledge. With our team that possesses comprehensive skills and years of working experience with the platform, OrangeMantra emerges as an ideal partner for efficient Magento 2 upgrade. If you are serious about an upgrade for your online store, consider us as your reliable partner.

Why upgrade your Magento to latest version?

In case, you are still using the older version of your Magento store, chances are you are at a premium risk of getting your information hacked. This will take a fraction of time, but the results on your online store can be damaging. There are times when the entire database gets lost or even the aggregate customer data. You run privacy risks when you do not upgrade to Magento latest version. By opting for Magento latest version., you can avail better scalability and security. It is also a great way to take advantage of the new features coupled with better store performance. On top of this, you get enhanced security, which can protect your online store from potential threats and bugs. Despite these advantages, certain Magento store owners are still adamant about continuing with the old age Magento versions that can have disastrous results to your online store in the long run. Let’s now divert our attention to the different reasons that prompt you to upgrade your Magento version regularly: The latest Magento version comes with upgraded features and absolutely zero glitches. Old versions are prone to get hacked due to a lack of proper security cover, which can result in financial loss. Using an older version might result in problems during extension updates for Magento developers. The latest Magento update comes with more user-friendly themes in frontend and UI in the backend.

Our Process

We Make Sure That Your Magento Store Is Upgraded With Minimum Risk Of Data Loss And Zero Downtime

Replicate The Original Store

We start by setting up a replica of the original store. This is done to minimize the risks associated with the errors committed during the updating process. .

Update The Replica Store

The development team updates the replica site according to the client’s requirements and addresses the problems encountered during the process.

est The Replica Store

The QA team tests the replica Magento store for functionality and then gets it verified from the client to get the final approval from them.

Set Up The Upgraded Store

Once we the confirmation from the client, the original store is upgraded and made live within the stipulated period of time.

Robust Process of Our Magento Upgrade Service.

Being one of the first companies to offer turn-key migration services to its clients, MageWorx has gained solid hands-on experience. That's why we understand that there is no canned approach to migrating a store to Magento 2. Careful PLANNING and ANALYSIS are the key elements of every project success. That's why we deliver only individually tailored migration solutions. The solutions that will enable you to reach new heights with the revamped, more advanced platform.



Magento 2 Website Design

To stand out from the competition, Your Magento 2 website should look awesome and it should be easy to use for your customers. With core focus on delivering world class user experience, we design user friendly websites that generate sales

Magento 2 Development

Our experienced Magento 2 developers can Custom code any back end functionality to effectively manage your ecommerce operations. Hire Magento 2 developers today to upgrade magento 1.7 to 2.0 and build robust solutions as per your business needs

Upgrade to Magento 2

With the right platform, your ecommerce business has the potential to outrank the competition. It’s high time that you should consider to upgrade to Magento 2 from Magento 1 to provide your web shop a new and improved look

Magento 2 SEO Optimization

Keeping your SEO is one of the most important parts during Magento 2 upgrade. Our professional seo experts will collaborate with our Magento 2 developers to make sure that none of your SEO work is lost during the Magento 2 upgrade process