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Best Software Development Service in Germany

Our expert and experienced team members are always ready to serve you the best software Development you need from Mobile App, Mobile App Development services, Website and App Development services. In expanding your  E-Commerce site our software can provide you with the best solution ever. Our skilled tech-savoy personnel aim at designing, engineering, supporting, and evolving various software types as per the needs and demands of your companies or business.

Therefore Serving mid & large enterprises and software product companies since 2010, CLS-Soft develops quality software for retail, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries. Obtained knowledge  and expertise from its mother concern CLS Computer, now CLS Soft is serving the customers with a lot more care and utmost confidence. Our core belief is to expand our business through the best services towards our clients.

What Service Are You Looking For?

Consisting of highly skilled and experienced members, CLS Soft offers a wide range of software services for the clients irrespective of the size of their business. In other words We provide the best quality software to help you out in handling your business much more smoothly so that depending on your needs and demands you will get a complete software solution package within the best budget.

Choose your option and click the button below to jump straight to the detailed description of the service you are interested in. Whether you are a big head or a small one in the arena of business we treat the best service not only in Germany but also in the whole Europe.

Custom Software Development Services:

In providing the best custom software services CLS Soft holds a great reputation in the present market. Custom software development is a way to get a competitive advantage in the market due to the superior functionality a custom solution provides. For instance With more than 12 years of first hand experience in technology sector, CLS-Soft offers all the latest custom software development services to plan and deliver tailored quality so that you can carry on your business reliably and comfortably.

In addition, we offer the top-notch customizable software which you can upgrade time to time according to your needs and demands. Above all, the custom software we sell, will surely assure you the highest quality but never cost you more than other ordinary software providers.

Corporate & Inter organizational Software Systems

It is a matter of great wonder that the software systems we provide for our clients are able to meet up the requirements regardless of the size of their companies. From small mongers to giant business magnets, everyone will be satisfied with our innovative software solutions.

We build software that automates enterprise-wide processes and covers interdepartmental information flows, and may also include transactions with customers, vendors and partners. For the corporate and inter organizational companies we have launched the most effective software systems so that these companies can run their businesses well with the help of our latest and innovative software systems. Software services we provide with the different business organizations are mentioned here :

  • ( ERP ) Entrepreneur Resource Planning Management Software,
  • Operations management software, 
  • ( SCM ) Supply Chain Management Software ,
  • ( EAM ) Enterprise Asset Management Software
  • ( MES ) Military Engineering Management Software 
  • ( POS ) Point Of Sale Management Software
  • Claims processing software, 
  • ( HCM/HRM ) Human Capital Management or Human Resource Management Software

Departmental Wise Software

In the continuation of providing software systems for the all the business we serve the best Departmental Software so that these sectors can handle their business with the keen touch of the latest software. Departmental management software allows the user to get a clear and obvious view of their business.

We build software with features that are unmet by mass-market commercial or free software to cover the needs of a particular department within your organization. In addition, the surprising gift you can enjoy is it will ensure you a clarity of your exchanges. What services our Departmental management software provides the clients are discussed here:

  • ( CRM ) Customer Relationship Management Software 
  • Inventory management software
  • financial management software,
  • ( RIS ) Radiology Information System Management Software 
  • ( PACS ) Picture Archiving And Communication System Management Software.

Software for a Specific Business Function

Our dedicated software services for the flourishment of your individual part of business has a great reputation in the arena of specific business function management software.  We build software that fully covers business-unique and industry-specific functions, thus it doesn’t need time-consuming and complicated customization as is the case with market-available software products.

In addition, with the help of our top-notch specific business function management software you will get a complete solution package to perform your business more smoothly and rightly. To make the business of different specific sectors much easier we have developed the most outstanding software to help the business personnel to handle their business rightly. The software services we offer for the specific business function are described here :  

  • Price Management Software, 
  • Clinical Decision Support App, 
  • Specialized Accounting/treasury Management Software, 
  • Invoicing And Billing Software.

Customer Self-service Apps

In the process of serving various types of software solutions to the different organizations CLS Soft is now also providing the dedicated Customer Self-service Apps management software. We build applications that help your organization deliver tailored customer experiences to win the market competition. Through this dedicated software now you can easily handle your clients with their active response.

Nevertheless, the software we provide the clients has a strong proven result in bringing the best output. The main benefit you can get from our top-notch Customer self-service Apps management software is that it will increase your productivity. This extensive software will allow you to perform your tasks rightly within less time. The aspects our software work with are allude here:

  • Mobile Banking Apps, 
  • Patient Portals, Shopping Apps

Corporate Applications We Develop:

We have developed the most effective and outstanding Corporate Applications for the different types of business to make the path of the business holder much easier and comfortable. In this regard our dedicated Apps development projects help the users to handle their business peacefully and rightly. Let’s see about our dedicated software management systems for different arena of business.,

  1. Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  2. Supply chain management (SCM)
  3. Operations management software
  4. Business process management
  5. Enterprise asset management (EAM)
  6. Human resource management (HRM) / human capital management (HCM)
  7. Business intelligence (BI) systems

Manufacturing Software

  1. Manufacturing execution system (MES)
  2. Product life-cycle management (PLM) software
  3. Connected vehicle system
  4. Procurement platforms
  5. Spare parts management system
  6. Inventory management software

Healthcare Software

We have also developed the notch management software for the rising health sector. For the development and proper flourishment of the health sector we have launched a dedicated software system so that the users of this sector also enjoy an automated system for the smooth operation of their business.   The software services we offer in the health sector are portrayed below :

  1. Electronic health records (EHR) systems 
  2.  Electronic medical records (EMR) systems
  3. Healthcare revenue cycle management
  4. Tax invoicing system

Retail Software

We have mentioned earlier that we provide services irrespective of the size of the business. We have equal attention for the big business and for small one as well. So, if you are a retailer you have nothing to be worried about, we are here to help you out.

E commerce solutions

If you have an E-commerce site and operate your business through this service we will offer you the best solution package to run your E-commerce site more smoothly. Our dedicated experts are always here to help you in developing your E-commerce site.

Point of sale (POS) software

This dedicated software especially for the retail business entrepreneurship will allow the users to handle their tasks in a much easier system. 

Other industries

  • Insurance: Claims processing software
  • Professional services: Income tax calculation systems, talent acquisition workflow management
  • Telecoms: Billing systems
  • Aviation: Ramp resource management software

Cost of Custom Software Development

Though cost and budget matter a lot while buying or launching a project, we can assure you the best services within a reliable and reasonable price. The cost of custom software development depends on your project’s scale and complexity shaped by multiple factors, such as:

  1. Software type and a number of platforms supported (web, mobile, desktop).
  2. Number and complexity of software features.
  3. Custom software design uniqueness and complexity.
  4. Number and complexity of integrations with other software systems.
  5. Infrastructure requirements (availability, performance, security, latent capacity and scalability).
  6. We will be pleased to provide an estimate for your project.
  7. We Deliver with Speed, Quality and Agility

The success of our software comes from:

A dedicated PM for each project who organizes the work for the benefit of transparency and visibility, coordinates communication with your in-house team and third parties, continuously re-evaluates requirements and manages risks.

  • Focus on quality at every stage of the software development life cycle.
  • Lean UX design.
  • Clean and stable code; future-proof architecture (mobile-, integration-, cloud-ready; SOA, micro services-based, etc.).
  • Development in a view of undemanding support and smooth evolution.

How We Ensure Quality:

Quality controls:

At each stage of the development starting as early as functional requirement definition and architecture design. Quality management system certified by German Authority.

Sectors We Work With

PHP Software Development Service:

PHP is a super flexible solution that allows the development of a wide variety of custom software solutions for your business. It is great for Content Management Systems, CRM and ERP solutions, eCommerce platforms (such as Woo Commerce or Magento), APIs, small and robust desktop apps or websites of any size – and for much, much more.

During more than a decade of coding together, our senior programmers have completed dozens of challenging PHP projects that added value to what our customers do.

That is why we feel strong in tailor-made PHP development. The combination of hands-on experience with the best methodologies and with a fostered winning approach allows us to create outstanding results for our clients’ businesses. But most importantly, we know how powerful PHP is, and we won’t hesitate a second to use it for custom solutions.

Why is PHP Web Development Service right for your company?

PHP is a super flexible solution that allows you to develop a wide variety of custom software solutions for your business. PHP is great for Content Management Systems, CRM and ERP solutions, e-commerce platforms (such as Woo Commerce or Magento), APIs, small and robust desktop apps, or for websites of any size – and for much, much more.

Laravel application deployment Service:

Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. We believe development must be an enjoyable and creative experience to be truly fulfilling. Laravel attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in most web projects.

When you’re ready to deploy your Laravel application to production, there are some important things you can do to make sure your application is running as efficiently as possible. In this document, we’ll cover some great starting points for making sure your Laravel application is deployed properly.

A PHP Framework for web artisans” is a handy solution to develop cutting-edge custom PHP web apps. Laravel is a modern toolkit that enhances the benefits brought to the table by PHP. It also brings several advantages itself, to mention painless data migration as an example. It’s great for larger projects, but it is scalable to your needs.

Steps to deploy Laravel projects:

  • Prepare your dedicated server for Laravel
  • Initial launch of the project
  • How to deploy new changes
  • Zero-downtime deployment
  • Teamwork, staging server and branches
  •  Brief overview: Automated testing and continuous integration

Custom Web Application Development Services:

Need Custom Web Application Development Services? CLS-Soft team has been creating web application development solutions for businesses across different industry domains for more than 12 years and would be glad to assist you with your initiative.

We provide a full range of custom web application development services starting from business analysis, UI/UX design, to front-end and back-end development, QA testing, maintenance and support.

Front-End Web Application Development

With 15+ years of experience and 170+ Javascript developers on board, SCAND provides its clients with top-notch front end web development solutions. We have successfully implemented more than 50 projects for over 40 clients across the globe. Our UI/UX engineers are constantly gaining knowledge in brand new technologies and leveraging innovative approaches in their work. To speed up the development process we use the following JS frameworks and libraries: Angular, React JS, Vue.JS, etc.

Back-End Development Service:

SCAND back-end development team comprises 250+ full-time engineers working for companies across multiple domains. For the past 20+ years, we have successfully completed 600+ projects for more than 300+ customers worldwide. Our back-end development team has also developed over 30 proprietary products. We create complex customized solutions by leveraging various back-end programming languages, libraries and frameworks like Java, PHP, Python, .Net, C++, etc.

What Web Applications We Develop?

CLS-Soft professional engineers have accumulated enormous knowledge and skills while developing custom web application solutions. Our solutions facilitate the management of the company’s processes, workflows, and documentation as our deep expertise is based on multiple developed ERP and CRM systems for enterprises and startups. Besides building robust, scalable and secure web solutions, we can also help companies with migrations and upgrades. We can handle even the most challenging cases swiftly and easily.

WordPress eCommerce website development:

WordPress is the most popular web development CMS in the world right now in the market. It is used to build all kinds of websites. Most of the site on the internet has been built using WordPress.

You can use WordPress in many different ways, from simple websites to eCommerce marketplaces and anything in between. You can make different kinds of sites with WP, including – blogs, business websites, online stores, etc.

If you are thinking to develop a new website, here are some top reasons for choosing WordPress:

Why WordPress?

Why we recommend WordPress are discussed below:

  • Available for free
  • Easy to use and manage
  • WordPress is Flexible
  • Good Security
  • Search Engine friendly

Top services provided by CLS–Soft:

  1.  WordPress website development
  2. Theme customization
  3. Plugin development
  4. PSD to WordPress
  5. HTML to WordPress conversion
  6. Theme customization
  7. Website Migration services
  8. Theme development
  9. WordPress Site Migrations

Magento E-commerce Website Development:

What is Magento Development ?

Magento is an open source content management system similar to Drupal or WordPress. This feature-rich platform has a highly intuitive administration interface that makes content marketing and merchandising simple. Because of its powerful digital marketing and merchandising toolkit, Magento is among the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world.   

Out of the box, Magento offers accessibility and integration with thousands of applications through plugins making it highly flexible, scalable, and customizable. As impressive as Magento is, it is even more powerful when partnered with a team of experts that can amplify your website to the next level. Unleashed leverages Magento to deliver a site that is tailor-fit to reflect your brand and fully integrated into all your company’s critical business processes.

Our Magento Website Development Service : 

CLS-Soft Works With a Magento Business Solution Partner with many years of experience building Magento websites for B2B and B2C companies. We provide all support services for a successful eCommerce store: strategy, programming, design, hosting, administration, content creation, and marketing. Our Magento-Certified team will custom-design, build, and populate your website, giving it an elegant, top-notch user experience.

Unleashed specializes in building, customizing, hosting, and supporting Magento eCommerce websites. Our award-winning team of Magento certified web design and development experts will work with you during the discovery process and offer strategic guidance, harnessing our decade of experience developing on the Magento CMS. We collaborate with your organization to ensure your website provides enriched value to your customers and is optimized to help your business grow.

Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce platform built on flexibility and functionality. As an established Magento web development company, Unleashed understands the complex nature of designing eCommerce websites that are visually engaging and functionally dynamic.

Why Clients Choose Us for Magento eCommerce Service ?

  1. Magento Certified Developers
  2. UX/UI Solutions Architects
  3. Award-Winning Web Design Experts
  4. An Expert Team of Certified Developers
  5. Multiple Award-Winning Websites
  6. Over 300 Digital Experiences Created

Custom IOS Application Development Service:

Best IOS Application Development Services: Make a User-friendly Application for IOS Users of Your Business. A recent survey found that more than 71% of people are using IOS applications now. However, the percentage will increase as more and more people are getting attracted to the IOS apps with each passing year.

It is due to the unique features that IOS applications provide to their users. Therefore, if you want to increase your drives and improve your apps designs at an affordable cost, then CLS-Soft is the best option to go for.

We Have gained much popularity and appreciation for creating influential applications for all Apple devices within the past few years. We have a bunch of experienced and proficient team members dedicated to only developing IOS applications.

Whether you need an app for your iPhone, iPad, or Apple television, we can help you create one with the best user interface that will meet all your requirements. Furthermore, we can also help you in maintaining and upgrading your existing IOS applications.

We are also 24/7 available to serve our valuable customers so that they don’t face any difficulties. Therefore, if you require any IOS app development service, feel free to call us or e-mail us to get the best experience and service. As our expert team is always ready to assist you anytime, you require.

What is meant by IOS application development?

IOS app development is the method of building mobile apps for Apple hardware, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, etc. The languages that are used for writing any iOS applications are Swift and Objective C.  After writing the codes; it is installed into the application store for users to download whenever they want

You must keep in mind some factors while hiring an IOS application developer so that you don’t have to regret it later. They are:

  •  Their experience and expertise level.
  • The number of clients they have worked with.
  •  The number of successful projects they have complete.
  • Kind of IOS applications they have dealt with before.
  • What kind of technology do they use?
  • Check the firm’s portfolio and ratings.
  • The timeline they require for creating an IOS app.
  • Reviews of their clients.

Android App Development Service:

Our Android app development team is one of the leading Android application development companies in North America. We have developed feature rich Android apps used in such different fields as business, technology, healthcare, media and entertainment just to name a few. Whether you are looking to create mobile apps that are standalone, client-server, web service driven, or database driven, our experienced and skilled Android app developers can help you achieve the Android app that meets your enterprise needs and requirements while also looking, feeling and functioning the way you want.

Above all Android app developers have strong expertise in developing native Android apps using C++ and Javascript. Our app developers are also experienced in cross-platform development and migrating other existing mobile apps or Java-based apps to the Android platform.

Why Clients Choose CLS-Soft For Android Development:

  1.  Agile Android application development and project methodology
  2.  Assistance with getting apps in Google Play
  3.  Award winning mobile app development solutions
  4.  Competitive rates for Android app development and design talent
  5.   Cross-functional team of 300+ experts in global offices
  6.   In-house, front-end experts: Business Analysts, UX/UI Specialists & Designers
  7.   Native and cross-platform mobile app development solutions
  8.   Open, transparent and collaborative client engagement
  9.   Proven track record of successful Android application project delivery
  10.   Rapid, cost-effective services for Android development services
  11. Rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing before “Go-Live” events