Content Analysis

Content analysis is a methodology in the social sciences for studying the content of communication. Earl Babbie defines it as

Content Analysis Service

We hold expertise in providing our clients best Content Analysis Services in the form of content analysis research, qualitative content analysis and quantitative content analysis, where in-depth and various interviews can also be undertaken according to the specific requirement of the clients. The efficient analysis of focus groups and interviews are used for creating hypotheses, recognize determinants and also to develop quantity research designs as well as business plans.

Tracking content for better content marketing

Analysis and audits are often the start and end points of a well-rounded content strategy. Determining the size of the site, how users interact with it and how it performs are all essential steps. This deep level of content analysis reveals insights and where new investment in content and design should be made. Then business and marketing decisions can be made with clarity – whether that's developing more content or selecting candidates for optimisation. The result is high performance content that's more likely to resonate with your customers and drive your business goals.

Quality of the Content

Content is king. Quality is a major factor that needs to be considered while creating a positive brand image for your business or company. Hence we at EBriks determine the quality of your content and provide ways to improve it. Poor quality content can create deep impact on your business strategies and development.

Content Analysis Report

Once we have completed the research and analysis, our EBriks expert team will provide you with a detailed content analysis report regarding your strength, weakness and key areas of improvement. This can help you to increase your traffic and double your profit.

Mainly content analysis team works

  • In identifying the reason, intention, focus and requirement of the client product.
  • Detect the propaganda
  • Understand the customer’s reaction.
Our Content analysis department work both on Conceptual and Relational Analysis.

In conceptual analysis, experts of Content Disha tally the occurrence of particular word or term within texts and decide the impact accordingly.

In relational Analysis, the content analysis team seeks the concept behind the texts and then explores the relation between various ideas or concepts that are identified.

Content analysis requires very hard and thorough knowledge about content – a domain where Content Disha is expert at.

1st and 2nd stage analysis

Depending on how you need the information presented to you, we offer two levels of analysis. Once we have a solid understanding of your project, our experienced team will be able to advise you on the best option for you.

From summarised transcripts through to colour-coded groupings, our analysers have you covered. Speak with our team now about how we can help you best analyse your data for your report, or we can write your report for you.

We’ve listened to what our market research clients ask for and offer a range of specially-tailored qualitative market research language services. Contact our friendly and dedicated project management teams now to see how we can help you with all your language needs.

Keyword Analyser

Keywords are very essential to increase the visibility and page rank of a website. Hence we at EBriks analyse your specific keywords that can attract more traffic and profit to your website. We provide you with efficient keywords that are desirable for further development of your business.